Who Is Cynthia Majors?

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The truth and nothing but the truth

The first 12 years of my life were typical of a young boy growing up in the fifties and early sixties.The youngest of 3 kids, by the time I was in my early teens,I was pretty much left to my own devices once school was over.Why I started crossdressing, I have no idea.At the time, and for many years afterwards,I didn't even know there were others in the world like me.And like most of my Sisters, I hid it because it just wasn't something I thought anyone would understand, let alone accept.
Because I had 2 older sisters away at school,and both my parents worked,I always had a lot of time home alone, and access to lots of clothes.I started slowly at first,but the more I did it,the more"Right" it felt.Even so, I never went beyond the clothes, mostly because I didn't know where to get a wig and cosmetics were a total mystery to me.But I will say, from the neck down from what I remember I looked great-at least in my own eyes. I only came close to getting caught once but it really shook me up. I quite literly had to hide in the closet when my Dad came home unexpectidly and heard me upstairs.
I went through what I call"Dry Periods" off and on for the next 20 years, sometimes not dressing for months if not years at a time, Then suddenly getting the urge to start again.During this time,I moved out into my own house, got engaged, had the engagement blow up in my face, and met someone new and started the cycle all over again.20 years ago,we got married and Cynthia again went back into the closet , only to start reappearing with more and more regularity, first when my wife wasn't going to be home for a few days, then later meeting and dressing with others in rented motel rooms.I started buying wigs and cosmetics, haveing them delivered to my work address and sneaking them back into the house late at night. Then about six years ago I decided that after agonizing over it for 2 plus years I'd finally tell my wife about me.One bright sunny Sunday morning I sat her down after breakfast and began to talk.............or rather I got about 3 words out of my mouth and started sobbing . As she later told me the first thoughts that flashed into her mind as she sat watching me cry was that either I was haveing an affair or I had killed someone. In hindsight, she was kinda right on both counts in that I WAS the other woman and I'd partialy killed George(My boy half). Now, all the while I'd thought about telling her, I had rationalized that she would have one of 3 reactions.

1) Ok, but stop dressing and promise you'll never do it again(Now Girls, we all know that trying to hide from this just DOESN'T work!!)

2) She would scream and cry about what a loser her husband was and run out the door never to be seen on a civilized basis again.

or 3) She'd accept it and me.(I considered this option to be HIGHLY unlikely)

 When I'd finally managed to gasp out my secret, she looked right at me and said"Ok, so what? You're still the same person on the inside" To say I was shocked would be an understatement but looking back I should have realized she would answer that way because she had many friends that were LBG(Lesbian,Bi, Gay).

 All went well for the next week, untill she actually met Cynthia for the first time. We were getting ready to go to a party that I'd been invited to where there were going to be several other TG couples. I went upstairs and got ready and she walked into the bedroom just as I was brushing out my hair, without actually being able to see the slow transformation I went through. She took one look at me standing there in full Femme Mode, turned away and refused to talk with me for the next 3 hours. Even when we got to the party she stayed away from me but gradually over the course of the night she started to come around as she talked and got to know the other couples there. By the end of the night she came up and gave me a big hug and explained it was more shock at seeing me than anything else. Well, that and what she later came to refer to in a jokeing manner as "My Slut Outfit"

 Since then, we've become great GF's. We go shopping, to the movies, to dinner. She's taken an active part in the support group I belong to and has even attended a Southern Comfort Convention with me in Atlanta where she had to deal with my femme self  24 hours a day for 6 days.

 I realize she is an exception in the world of TG spouses rather than the rule and that I am very lucky to have her.


The History or Story Behind My Site

This was the second site I built, the first being on Geocities. I started this one I guess because I was mad at Geo/Yahoo for changeing their web builder program to something that was almost impossible to use along with blocking you from being able to export any of the photos I had posted there in a chat room. Unfortunatly I built it in a rather half-assed fashion and never went back in since 2001 to fix what I screwed up. Now in 2004 I've come back to take care of things and also to add a ton of photos both old and new. Through them I hope you will see Cynthia grow, change and mature.

 Note-Geocities/Yahoo has now discontinued all of their free sites and dismantled mine with no warning.My applogies to anyone who has tried to find it.

Cynthia the Performer

Round about 1995 a club I frequented in Wallington NJ-Topaz- started talking up their up comming Miss Topaz contest for drag performers. Now, I was barely getting out in public and had NEVER considered trying to perform as Cynthia but for some reason I got it into my head that "Hey, I can do this!!". And so for the next 3 weeks I had my discman glued to my head playing the same song over and over again so I could memorize the lyrics and the tempo. When the big night came I was so nervous I could barely contain myself. As I was waiting for my turn to go on, I took advanatge of the fact that there was a large sturdy wall shielding me from the stage and spent the few min I had before I was introducted by repaeatedly banging my head into the wall and asking myself"What the hell were you thinking??"-All to the amusement of the other contestants waiting behind me.Well I did finally go on, and while I didn't win I found that I really enjoyed being out there in front of all those people. I came back the next week, and the next, and so on and so on for almost a year. And in the years since I've been in shows, pagents, contests, and even parades in front of millions of people. And I even stopped banging my head before each performance. I had to, Topaz tore down my faithfull wall.

 Note: Topaz(AKA Monkey Barz/Club One ) closed in Feb 2003 and has not yet reopened despite rumors to the contrary

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