Cynthia Majors-The Life and Times of a TG

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A word of warning.
This Website deals with the history and personal experiences of a MTF Pre-op TS (Male to Female Pre-operative Transsexual). This is not an a pornograpic site, but rather an attempt to educate the general public and show that the members of the TG community, who I am proud to call my Brothers and Sisters, are little different from everyone else.
If you take exception to who and what I am, please feel free to leave right now. If you feel the need to send me any nasty mail because you have some need to vent, please be my guest-I delete them on a regular basis, and I'm sure there is nothing you might have to say that I haven't already heard several times. If you are graced with a fair and open mind, then please come in and enjoy your stay

This is my third website-The first 2 unfortunatly no longer exist.I also hope to be able to supply links to some of the locations I shop,groups I belong to,and friends that have helped me along the way.
During the years since I've come out,a great many people have helped me realize my potential.Because of their help,I feel it 's my duty to help any others in any way I can.Any legitimate e-mails and requests for help will be answered.

Last updated on April18th ,2004

Cynthia Majors-June 2009